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Free Tax Advice for Low-income Georgia Residents | Updates to Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Agreement

  • Low-income Georgia residents are offered free tax advice to settle tax disputes. The Georgia State Law’s Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic sponsors two IRS Pro Bono Days. The next date is Oct. 5, 2019. The tax disputes typically focus on business deductions, retirement withdrawals or penalties. In 2018, the clinic settled 33 cases. The Pro Bono Days are held before the tax court schedules disputes so petitioners can obtain advice and work toward a settlement outside of the court.
  • The Georgia Dept. of Revenue is updating its Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) taxability matrix and certificate of compliance. Effective Aug. 10, 2019, the matrix was updated to reflect a current revised date of July 31, 2019, for version 2019.0. The state also revised its SSUTA certificate of compliance, also effective Aug. 10, 2019, to reflect an effective conforming date and certificate revised date of July 31, 2019, for version 2019.0.

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