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Protect Before the Threat

The cybersecurity threat landscape is ever evolving. Whether you want to assess the current state of your systems to ensure your most important business functions and information are protected, or you want help to rebuild stronger and more secure after a breach, you need a partner with the knowledge and resources to enhance your cybersecurity program from start to finish. It is more important than ever to have a third party validate your systems and controls and assure your customers and stakeholders that their trust in you is well-placed. Our professionals are experts in cybersecurity best practices for a wide variety of industries and commonly utilized frameworks. We also have established relationships with trusted cybersecurity partners. These allow us to offer you a functional solution to achieve your cybersecurity objectives through a single point of contact in a cost-effective and timely manner. We will develop an action plan specific to your business needs to help you protect before the threat.

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Cybersecurity Services Overview

Our experts provide your business with the solutions you need to assess your cybersecurity threat landscape and remediate any risk factors with holistic project management. We offer customized solutions that go beyond the standard cybersecurity questionnaire to analyze and validate your security and endpoint controls against an identified framework. Our professionals have expertise in cybersecurity best practices for many different industries, allowing us to understand the specific needs of your business and establish a strategy to accomplish those goals. We will match the best team member with the right task to ensure you receive the best Moore Colson has to offer.

Cybersecurity Service Offerings

Moore Colson offers full-service cybersecurity solutions for your business. Partnering with us allows your team to focus their time on what they do best, while our in-house experts manage the analysis, review and remediation of your cybersecurity project from start to finish. We will deliver reports and plans that give your management team peace of mind that their business is as secure as it should be. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Cybersecurity and IT Risk Assessments: Our team will identify, estimate and prioritize any risks in your information systems against established frameworks and industry best practices. We will then assess these scores against your industry benchmarks and internal targets to provide a comprehensive report on the current state of your systems.
  • Cybersecurity Audits: We will review and validate both the design and operating effectiveness of your business’s cybersecurity configurations to determine whether your controls are working as intended.
  • DOL Cybersecurity Assessments for Employee Benefit Plans: Our experts work with plan sponsors, plan fiduciaries and record keepers to create customized solutions that assess the threat landscape of your employee benefit plans and remediate any risk factors to your plan participants.
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning: We will assess your IT architecture to identify internal and external vulnerabilities, uncover security gaps and design remediation plans.
  • Business Resiliency Planning: We believe that true resiliency in business requires implementing, validating and refreshing the following core strategies:
    • Business Continuity Planning: Strategies, policies and procedures that enable your business to operate during a disaster
    • Disaster Recovery Plans: Detailed protocols that help your business restore data and applications to resume normal operations
    • Incident Response Plans: Plan of action to detect, respond and recover when incidents occur

Our team will work throughout your organization (operations, finance and IT) to develop an appropriate plan, support its implementation, train your personnel and assist with managing test exercises to provide resiliency assurance in the face of the current threat landscape.


Why Moore Colson?

The Moore Colson cybersecurity team are experts in IT and cybersecurity. Our professionals are equipped to analyze and validate your IT security and endpoint controls against commonly utilized frameworks. We operate under a non-book-of-business, corporate model, enabling us to match the best team member with the right task in an unencumbered fashion and give you the best we have to offer.

We have served as a trusted business advisor for clients for more than 40 years. In 1981, we first opened our doors as a consulting firm, and we continue to maintain an advisory approach in everything we do.  Our consultative approach helps us go beyond the standard cybersecurity questionnaire to offer a customized solution that analyzes a client’s current cybersecurity program and cybersecurity goals to identify the gaps, develop a targeted remediation plan, present the findings, and validate that gaps have been closed.

As a nationally recognized and award-winning firm, Moore Colson has the experience and personal touch to shape your future and help you protect your company. We will provide your business with a full-service project management solution for your cybersecurity needs. Our team manages the entire process for you, from start to finish. We act as a true partner and single point of contact who can identify additional partners (when necessary), and provide you with a streamlined, efficient, cost-effective service.

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