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We provide the expertise and support required by both State and Federal courts when they require a fiduciary to become involved in a case.

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With over 40 years of experience in a wide range of industries and a myriad of situations, we are able to provide the expertise and support required by both State and Federal courts when they require a fiduciary to become involved in a case. We are routinely appointed by courts to administer cases as Bankruptcy Trustees, Receivers and Examiners. Our fiduciaries are supported by a team experienced in running businesses, managing accounting and finance functions, providing tax expertise, and IT services, as well as handling the daily needs of an operating entity and/or asset class of any kind. We have experience not only in running businesses, but also in selling or liquidating operations and assets of all kinds.

Our Approach

We pull together the optimum team to support the fiduciary based upon their needs in the case. By doing this, we can minimize costs to the estate while providing expert services required to run a business or manage an asset for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Our Advisors

Our Fiduciary Services team is comprised of trusted and experienced professionals that not only have extensive experience acting as fiduciaries, but also provide support for fiduciaries including high-quality business-focused services in operations management, accounting, tax, IT, forensic accounting, and litigation support. Our team rolls up its sleeves to stabilize and secure the underlying business or asset, report our findings to the court, and then work with the stakeholders to craft and execute a plan to resolve the case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Perspective

We serve fiduciaries who are both members of the firm, as well as third parties. Their needs become our focus, and we bring all of our resources and experience to bear to assist the fiduciary and its counsel with the best services available to handle all of their needs based upon the requirements of the case.

Our Services

In addition to providing fiduciary services in court matters, our team* can also assist clients who have a need for a trusted fiduciary to manage an estate on behalf of its beneficiaries. Our fiduciaries are supported by all of Moore Colson’s resources enabling us to efficiently manage an estate’s accounting, tax and operating needs in conjunction with its legal counsel.

Our fiduciary services include:

  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee
  • State court receiver
  • Federal court receiver
  • Examiner
  • Special master
  • Estate/Trust trustee

*Moore Colson, as an entity, cannot act as a fiduciary. Fiduciary services are provided by select, accredited employees of Moore Colson in their individual capacities.




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