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We specialize in helping companies, their investors and lenders with a complete suite of advisory services.

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Today’s businesses are continuously faced with change due to emerging technology, intense competition, mergers, consolidation, and evolving regulatory requirements. It is extremely difficult to manage the day-to-day operations of your business and identify the modifications necessary to enhance your bottom line and business continuity. Moore Colson’s Management Consulting professionals specialize in advising companies, their investors and lenders with a complete suite of management and strategic planning services.


Strategic Business Planning

  • Develop overall business management, financial, and operational strategic plans
  • Develop family, business and management succession plans
  • Advise business leaders and consult on financial and accounting leadership disciplines
  • Identify and assess financial and operational performance drivers
  • Establish financial and operational performance measurement goals (KPI)
  • Develop and implement daily, weekly, and monthly management reports to assess performance against goals
  • Create realistic income statement and balance sheet budgets, forecasts and cash flow models to evaluate performance and anticipate future financing needs

Accounting Systems & Controls

  • Develop effective accounting systems and controls and provide management tools to monitor and evaluate performance

Assist in designing and implementing complete accounting systems, or their individual components, including:

  • Manufacturing cost systems
  • Inventory control systems
  • Data processing systems
  • Cost containment programs

Loans & Financing

  • Assist in exploring and analyzing the full range of available financing alternatives
  • Assist in preparing financing requests and negotiating the most favorable terms possible

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