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COVID-19 Cybersecurity and Remote Workforce Consulting

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COVID-19 Cybersecurity and Remote Workforce Consulting

The Coronavirus pandemic has increasingly led businesses to ask their employees to work from home. With the sharp increase in the number of companies encouraging employees to work from home and recommended social distancing, remote work is the best solution to ensure productivity and minimize disruption.

Many companies have invested in remote-working capabilities and feel relatively prepared for this. However, there are steps you can take to ensure success and decrease the likelihood of problems that could bring remote work to a screeching halt. Not to mention the threat of cybercrime, which certainly never sleeps; quite the contrary, this is the perfect time for hackers to capitalize on vulnerable times.

Our accredited experts can perform an IT and cybersecurity risk assessment, which can be done remotely while you continue your business operations. This will not only ensure you are protected during this vulnerable time but also for the next disruption.

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