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COVID-19 Business Selling Consulting

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COVID-19 Business Selling Consulting

During these difficult times, some business owners are considering selling their business. The COVID-19 has taken a toll on many companies, and many owners are considering all options. We assist owners, management teams and their investment bankers by providing valuable analysis related to a company’s actual EBITDA, potential adjustments that a buyer may look at and providing a clean financial statement that reduces the surprises a seller might experience if they are unprepared.

When selling a business, one common goal is to maximize the purchase price. There’s a rare exception every now and then, but generally, sellers are interested in getting paid for what they have built. Typically, purchase price is based off adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), a normalized level of earnings from regular business operations. Arriving at adjusted EBITDA can be complicated, and during the hectic process of taking a business to market, adjustments are often missed.

Our goal is to make sure our client gets the best purchase price even during the current circumstances with the Coronavirus crisis. We identify negative adjustments or invalidate proposed add backs to decrease the target company’s EBITDA as much as reasonably possible. If you are the seller of a business, it makes sense to have your financials viewed in a positive light. Through sell-side due diligence, we commonly identify nonrecurring or nonbusiness-related items, positive GAAP adjustments or potential future cost savings that can be implemented going forward. With these adjustments identified, management can present their financials fairly, but in the most favorable light.

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