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Georgia State and Local Tax Alert – Sales and Use Tax Update for Gwinnett County and Exemptions for Qualified Job Training Organizations

  • There’s no county tax rate change for Gwinnett County, after all. The Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) has updated the second-quarter table of quarterly changes that began on 4/1/19, to indicate that there’s no local sales and use tax rate change scheduled for Gwinnett County. The department had previously indicated in an earlier announcement that a change for Gwinnett County was possible after 3/19/19.
  • The Georgia Department of Revenue has updated a policy bulletin on the sales and use tax exemption for qualified job training organizations. The bulletin states that 2019 letters of authorization (LOAs) issued to qualified job training organizations will be valid from 4/1/19 through 6/30/20. The update is being issued because a qualified job training organization must present a valid LOA to the seller in order to make tax-exempt purchases.

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