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Savannah Tour Guide Tax Lawsuit Dismissed and County-specific Property Tax Info Available Online

  • A lawsuit against Savannah tour guides has been dismissed. A U.S. District Court ruled that it lacks jurisdiction over whether the City of Savannah unfairly burdens tour guides with the $1 per customer tax. The court insisted that the issue belongs in state courts. The “tour tax” is intended to help maintain Savannah’s historic monuments. Savannah tour guides have argued that the tax is unfair because other businesses that profit from tourism don’t have to pay it.
  • If you need property tax information for a specific Georgia county, direct your Web browser to the Georgia Dept. of Revenue: Users can click on a specific county and review a list of their local tax officials, examine homestead exemptions and find motor vehicle registration information, among other information. Users can also search counties using the map search feature:

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