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Georgia State and Local Tax Alert – Rural Hospital Tax Credit Extension and the Preceptorship Nonrefundable Tax Credit

  • Georgia has extended the sunset date by three years for its rural hospital tax credit, from 12/31/21 to 12/31/24. Effective 7/1/19, the bill provides that, if an individual or corporate donor desires to make a contribution to an unspecified rural hospital organization (RHO), the donation will be attributed to the RHO ranked with the highest financial need that has not yet received the maximum amount of contributions for that taxable year. This is regardless of whether a third party has a contractual relationship or agreement with such RHO.
  • The Preceptorship nonrefundable tax credit will replace Georgia’s tax deduction for community-based physician clerkship. Preceptorship training is uncompensated community-based training of medical students, advanced practice registered nurse students or physician assistant students matriculating in a training program. The incentive, effective 7/1/19, is available to faculty who help train medical professionals at qualifying clinical programs. Each calendar year, physicians will be eligible for $500 for their first three rotations.

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