Tax Tips

These brief tips explain guidance the IRS provided to one employer regarding paying down employees’ student debt; explore the concept of “upstream” estate planning; and detail overlooked charitable deductions. continue reading »

The GST Tax and Your Estate Plan: What you need to know

This article defines the GST tax and explains potential allocation pitfalls. continue reading »

Income Tax Withholding: Examine your withholding allowances today

This article explains the problem with withholding tables and discusses how to avoid surprises next year.  continue reading »

Partnerships: If you’re audited, will you be ready?

This article reviews the new audit rules and discusses steps partnerships should take if they’re audited. continue reading »

Should My Trust Be Subject to State Taxation? What the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Kaestner case means for your trust

The ruling in the Kaestner case was quite narrow and limited; however, it sparked a discussion that is much more complicated and gives an indication when it may be permissible for a state to tax the income of a trust. continue reading »

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