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These brief tips explain that home equity loan interest may still be deductible post–Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), detail two changes the TCJA made to business losses, and discuss whether a qualified personal residence trust is still relevant today. continue reading »

Are LLC members subject to self-employment tax?

This article provides a definition of SE taxes and examines whether LLC members must pay SE tax. A sidebar notes proposed regulations that contemplate situations in which an active LLC member can exclude certain amounts from self-employment income. continue reading »

Know your tax obligations before hiring household help

This article examines the tax-related responsibilities associated with hiring outside help.  continue reading »

Ease new itemized deduction limitations using a nongrantor trust

This article explains the role nongrantor trusts play in easing the itemized deduction limitations. continue reading »

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AJC TWP 2022 Award Ribbon

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