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Tax Tips: Year-End Planning For Mutual Funds

If you’ve sold mutual fund shares at a gain during the year, there are some year-end moves you can make to soften the tax blow.
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To File or Not to File: What You Need to Know About Filing Gift and Estate Tax Returns

Have you made substantial gifts of wealth to family members this year? Or are you the executor of the estate of a loved one who died recently?
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How To Claim Research Payroll Tax Credits

If your business dedicates resources to creating or improving products, processes or software, it may be eligible for substantial federal tax credits for “increasing research activities.” There’s just one catch.
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Restricted Stock: Should You Pay Tax Now or Later?

For growing companies, equity-based compensation is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining executives and other key employees.
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Moore Colson Ranks Number One among Top 50 Best of the Best Accounting Firms in the U.S.

Moore Colson has been ranked as the number one Best of the Best Accounting & Advisory Firm in the United States for 2017 by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA).
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Moore Colson Ranks as a Top 20 Employee Benefits and Compensation Consultant in Atlanta

Moore Colson was recently ranked by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as a top 20 employee benefits and compensation consultant in Atlanta.
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Moore Colson Announces the Hiring of Six New Managers

Moore Colson recently announced the hiring of six new managers.
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