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Tax Tips: File Early, but not too Early

If you’re expecting a tax refund from the IRS, there are some good reasons to file your 2017 income tax return as early as possible. continue reading »

Are Bad Business Debts Deductible?

If you hold a business-related debt that’s become worthless or uncollectible, a “bad debt” deduction may allow you to cut your losses.
continue reading »

Tax Planning for Investors: Income vs. Growth

Whether you invest for income (dividends and interest), growth (price appreciation) or total return (a combination of income and growth), it’s important to assess the impact of taxes on your portfolio. Here are some of the tax issues you should consider.
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Higher Education is Expensive!

When it comes to saving for college, parents and grandparents often turn to one of the most popular sections of the tax code: Section 529 college savings plans. Of all the vehicles available for college savings, 529 plans are perhaps the most versatile in some ways. continue reading »

The Final 2018 Tax Bill: Comparison Chart of What is Changing and What You Need to Know

The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate recently voted to pass the 2018 Tax Bill, which contains many major changes to the tax landscape for both businesses and individuals. Below are some key highlights and a comparison between the current tax… CONTINUE READING »

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