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January 16, 2019 | Sales and Use Tax Rates | Unemployment Tax Rates

  • The Georgia Department of Revenue has issued a table showing the local sales and use tax rates for energy sold to manufacturers for the first quarter beginning 1/1/19. The tax rates are imposed for energy sold to manufacturers as levied by counties within the 159 special districts and the City of Atlanta. The tax is levied initially by ordinance following phase-in schedule rates. For more information:
  • Attention Georgia employers: A GA Dept. of Labor spokesperson reported that unemployment tax rates for experienced employers will continue to range from 0.04% to 8.1% in 2019. An administrative assessment fee of 0.06% is included in the above rates, except for the minimum and maximum tax rates. (Employers in the lowest and highest tax rate bracket don’t pay this fee.) The new employer rate remains at 2.7%. The taxable wage base continues to be $9,500 in 2019.

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