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Georgia State and Local Tax Alert | Mandatory Electronic Filing for ‘Series 100’ Tax Credits and New Tax Procedures for Purchasing Seized Assets

  • The Georgia Department of Revenue is reminding taxpayers about the mandatory electronic filing required for certain income tax or withholding tax returns in which “series 100” tax credits are generated, allocated or claimed. The income tax returns affected include individual (Forms 500 and 500X), fiduciary (Form 501), corporate (Forms 600 and 600S), and partnership (Form 700) returns. Those who don’t adhere to the regulation run the risk of the return not being processed, because it’s considered to have not been filed, and may also result in the imposition of a penalty and interest. For more information:
  • The Georgia Department of Revenue has adopted procedures for conducting judicial sales on the department’s seizure of personal property when taxes aren’t fully paid by a delinquent taxpayer. Payment in full is now required at the time of acceptance of the bid and must be in guaranteed funds, such as cash, certified check, bank check, or money order. No third-party instruments will be accepted. If the property for sale is a motor vehicle, the department will turn over the existing title or certificate upon receipt of payment. Buyers may be subject to the payment of state and local sales tax collected at the point of payment. Read more here:

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