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Georgia’s Net Tax Collections Totaled $2.25 Billion in September 2019

  • Georgia’s net tax collections in September totaled nearly $2.25 billion, for an increase of $15.7 million over September 2018. Individual income tax collections in September totaled $1.13 billion, a decrease of $27.4 million, compared to last year. Also in September, individual income tax refunds issued (net of voided checks) increased by $36.1 million, or 59.1%; individual withholding payments increased by $1.9 million, or 0.2%; and individual income tax return payments were up $8.6 million, or 53.8%, over 2018 numbers.
  • Georgia’s net corporate income tax collections increased in September. They increased by $46.2 million, or 22.2%, compared to September 2018, when net corporate tax revenues totaled roughly $208.6 million for the month. Also in September, corporate tax refunds issued were up $6.6 million, or 36.4%; corporate income tax estimated payments were up $58.5 million, or 29.7%; and corporate income tax return payments declined by $4.8 million, or -30.8%, from last year.

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