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Moore Colson assists lenders with due diligence efforts by providing a responsive, objective, experienced outside view of the existing or potential borrower.

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As a lender, one of the most critical aspects of a borrowing relationship is the accuracy and reliability of your clients’ financial and operational information. While business owners think they are using and providing their lenders with accurate information, many times the reliability of such information is less than adequate. Since 1981, Moore Colson has assisted lenders with due diligence efforts by providing a responsive, objective, experienced outside view of the existing or potential borrower. These services are tailored to your specific needs whether they involve the one-time or recurring verification of collateral and related systems, the assessment of a complex merger transaction with highly involved assumptions and projections or financial / operational due diligence tied to a potential new, or increased, loan commitment.

Our Team

We have dedicated, experienced field examiners who have analyzed hundreds of companies across all industries and due diligence services and are provided by senior members of our Special Services consulting group.

Our Focus

We pride ourselves in providing lenders with highly accurate, extensive and thoughtful analysis of a potential new or existing borrower.

Our Approach

We can use your field examiner package or our proprietary package. We strive for quality and efficiency in every exam and analyze any exception of a potential new or existing, borrower’s finances or guarantors.

Lender Cybersecurity Services

As an additional service to our field examinations, we offer lender cybersecurity assessments. Lenders should be aware that their borrower’s cybersecurity risk is their risk as well. Companies are hacked or breached every day, and the average cost of each data breach is $3 million for small- to mid-sized companies. For companies that suffer from cybersecurity attacks, 60% of them go out of business within six months. Therefore, it is in the lender’s best interest to review their borrower’s cybersecurity profile and determine if there are concerning security gaps.

Moore Colson’s cybersecurity solutions can help you identify the right-sized solution to reduce your risk and protect your business. Our borrower cybersecurity assessment will help you identify gaps in the environment, provide a remediation plan and deliver reporting to management for accountability, oversight and funding.

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